This web site is devoted to the study, collecting, and preservation of antique and classic cameras, vintage photographs, and the history of photography. As more and more people enter this fascinating field, the demand for better information, resources, and appraisal services is also increasing. To meet that demand, the International Photographic Historical Organization (InPHO) was established to provide a resource center offering a wide range of free services to interested individuals and groups. Not just another camera collectors club or moderated newsgroup, InPHO is your best first source for learning about the evolution of the art, science, and technology of photography, as well as practical information on the care, acquisition, and appraisal of vintage photographica.

InPHO was founded in 1985 by a group of young photohistorians as part of a cooperative effort to establish a new museum of art, science, and technology in the "Silicon Valley" of California. Although the museum plan was abandoned two years later, InPHO had already established its own charter and was operating as an independent entity. This website was initiated in 1997 to further the organization's goals and services, and, thanks to the suggestions and input of our many friends and patrons, will now continue to grow and improve. In the future you can expect to find an ever expanding selection of diverse articles on various areas of the history of photography and on collecting classic cameras, the archives of the Internet Museum of Photography, informative charts and timelines, and many links to other significant photographic web sites.

Our free services include:
  • Identification, historical review, and appraisals of antique and classic cameras, vintage photographs, and photographic paraphernalia.

  • Resource and research guidance for students, collectors, historians, academics, and hobbyists studying the history of photography.

  • Peer review of new photohistorical literature and multimedia presentations dealing with photography.

  • A speakers service is available, and we maintain a large collection of cameras and other vintage photographic materials for museum and special exhibit use.

  • We also provide a very fair commission sales service, help place and consign items for auctions, and may offer to buy your old cameras, photographs, and photographic paraphernalia for the organization's own collection.

In the meantime --

-- the site is changing almost everyday with new pages and features, but if you would like to see our expanding table of contents, currently offering a selection of superb articles on antique and classic cameras, please go to:

And we are proud to host --

-- the public web pages of the Internet Directory of Camera Collectors (IDCC), a moderated e-mail forum for people interested in collecting and using antique and vintage cameras. New participants are always welcome!

Visit the IDCC information page to read more about the group and learn how to join, or view the IDCC membership page to see a list of some of our current world wide members and their diverse areas of interest.

For direct access to our services, or to request more information, please contact the office of the President, David Silver, by e-mail or call us at (415) 681-4356.

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